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Who We Are

Principal Bookkeeper

As the principal of Casey Bookkeeping Solutions, my main goal is to keep my clients finances accurate, up-to date and completed in a timely manner.


I have over 30 years experience in all facets of accounting processes in small, medium and large businesses. During this time I have obtained an Associate Diploma of Accounting, am a registered Certified Bookkeeper, a practising member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and registered BAS Agent.


I can solve common bookkeeping inaccuracies, balancing the books efficiently and understand the workings of many various softwares.  Keeping pace for those that are in need for Bookkeeping assistance.


Always friendly and patient, honest and have intregrity.  I have the right personality that is required for a professional bookkeeper. 


I have a commitment, to expedite your financial control and provide you more time and energy to concentrate on what’s really important, your business operations.


My customers can make real business decisions when their books are in order.




Our Company


The art of keeping time and money in balance.


Our specialty is to expedite your financial control. By using the relevant software , we are able to build your company file from scratch, or use our forensic bookkeeping talents to correct old file problems and produce financial reports that can give you a positive edge in your business.


All your bookkeeping needs can be fulfilled at your business place, our location, via remote access or by online software.


Casey Bookkeeping Solutions are experienced Certified Bookkeepers and fully insured. Casey Bookkeeping Solutions performs each project with efficiency and care for every project.

We are committed to bring each customer financial control as soon as possible, so they can perform their business without worry about payments, schedules, reconciliations, payrolls, collections and general bookkeeping. When clients enter into the “money+time+sync” zone they finally have control of their finances.


Our team always fulfills all obligations to clients with honesty and integrity, producing clean and clear financial reports so they can make better business decisions.


At Casey Bookkeeping Solutions, we understand the software in detail.  Our clients value all of our years of experience in personal, small and medium business practices. We provide our services part-time. Use our services as you need them. We are very accurate and efficient. We can set-up your books properly so the rest is maintenance that you can do or we can continue providing you with additional bookkeeping services.


You too can have a great bookkeeper on your team with just a phone call.


Please call 0410 584 263 or If you like, send us an E-MAIL JUST CLICK HERE


Get a FREE EVALUATION (up to one hour).


Find out why we are the right bookkeeping business!




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